You should now be able to use the following useful greetings and expressions. Many of the words used will be discussed in the following chapters.

English Lahu
How are you? Chehˬ sha chehˬ awˍ laˇ?
I am fine. Chehˇ sha chehˇ awˍ.
And you? Nawehˬ?
Where are you going? Hk’awˍ k’ai le?
Where have you been? Hk’awˍ ka laˬ le?
Have you had a meal yet? (Awˍ) caˇ peuˬ-oˬ laˇ?
Have you eaten yet? Awˍ caˇ-oˬ laˇ?
I have eaten. Caˇ-oˬ.
I haven’t eaten yet. Maˇ caˇ sheˍ.
Good morning. (Are you up yet?) Tu la-oˬ laˇ?
Where are you from? Nawˬ hk’aˬ lo tu la ve le?
What is your name? Nawˬ awˬ meh aˬ hto ma meh ve le?
Whats going on? Hk’a hk’e g’ai le?
Goodbye (said to one leaving) A yehˬ yehˬ k’ai mehˍ
Goodbye (said by one leaving) K’o-e shaˍ mehˍ
Is anyone there? A shu chehˇ-awˬ laˇ?
See you again. Teˇ pawˆ k’aw mawˬ da-a
What are you doing? A hto ma te chehˇ ve le?
Thank you Awˬ bon uiˍ jaˇ
Yes Yoˬ
No Maˇ heˆ
Chapter Kaˇ naˉ ui
Verse Kaˇ naˉ eh